Designated Driver Inc (DDI) is a locally  owned company in
Fayetteville, North Carolina. We provide service to
Cumberland, Harnett, Lee, Hoke, Moore, Richmond, Scotland,
Robeson, Sampson, Bladen Counties.
Simply give Designated Driver, Inc a call when you are ready
to call it a night and we will come and provide a driver to drive
you home in your own car....A safe ride home!
A DUI can cost you thousands of dollars and maybe your
career.  Calling Designated Driver, Inc (DDI) will cost you

$45.00 for the first 10 miles,
$55.00 for 10-20 miles,
$70.00 for 20-30 miles.
It is our desire to maintain the quality service that we provide
and continue to grow the company to further insure the safety
of our clients.

DDI is not a taxi service, you must have a vehicle.  We will get
you and your party home safe by providing an alert and sober
driver.  Share the cost among your friends and all get home
Don’t Risk a DUI or Injury
Let Us Get You and Your Car Home Safely
Don't leave your car in a parking lot overnight.
Call 910.488.9451
No hospitals, No hassles, No DUIs…GUARANTEED!
You do not have to be drunk to get arrested for driving
under the influence.  You could lose your job or suffer
public humiliation if arrested for driving while impaired.
Why risk it? Call Designated Driver, Inc

Designated Drivers may be booked anytime for private parties,
wedding receptions, and corporate events.
We offer a logical alternative to getting behind the wheel after

"Road safety for everyone is the primary focus 0f Designated
Driver, Inc.”

Our Designated Driver service makes driving while under the
influence an unnecessary risk.  Our drivers come as a team and
drive you home in your vehicle.  This way your vehicle is not left
overnight in an unattended parking lot for vandals.  You will have
your vehicle in your driveway in the morning when you need it.   
You can also call ahead and reserve a driver to pick you up at
the end of your evening out.  Remember not to let guests drive
after a party at your home, or company, if they have been
drinking.  Be the responsible host.

Designated Driver, Inc is not a taxi; you MUST have your car

with you to receive our service.  We cannot take you to where
you left your car.  

$45.00 1st 10 miles (flat rate to post)
$55.00 10-20 miles
$70.00 20-30 miles

In our effort to keep our soldiers safe while they party
Designated Driver, Inc has a flat rate of
$45 for active duty
personnel returning to the barracks.  This rate covers
Fayetteville/Spring Lake/ Hope Mills. This fee stays the same no
matter how many people you have in your car because we
charge by mileage (to one destination only).
Designated Driver, Inc also provides service when you need to
be driven after having a medical procedure requiring you to be
sedated (drivers are not medical personnel).  
We accept cash only.  For your convenience we can stop at an
Designated Drivers carry no money. Deposits are made after
each trip.
Designated Driver Inc (DDI)   
Here are some of the
establishments that  support
Designated Driver, Inc  in
Big Harry's
Designated Driver,
Inc is a new and
innovative way to
take control of any
appointments that
require you to have
someone drive you
home.  We also offer
sitters for those who
are in need of a
companion during a
medical procedure.
If you need someone
to drive and sit with
you, please call:

Designated Driver

Our rates are comparable,
feel free to call for an