Services Designated Driver, Inc Provides

We also provide our service when you need assistance
after having a medical procedure requiring that you be
sedated. Why take some one with you to sit in the waiting
room for hours?  Coordinate with us as soon as you have
made your medical appointment. Drive yourself to your
appointment and we will drive you home.  Call Designated
Driver, Inc
910.488.9451for a safe ride home.

All drivers for Designated Driver, Inc .are subject to
background checks.

Designated Driver, Inc will provide a designated driver to
drive you in your car. This service is for your safety and the
safety of everyone on the road. We are
NOT a TAXI; you
MUST have your car with you to receive our service.  We
cannot take you to where you left your car.  We charge
$45 for the first 10 miles; 10-20 miles is $55.00; 20-30
miles is $
70.00; 30-35 miles is $80.00; and 35-40 miles
is $9

If you want a driver to pick you up in a surrounding
city, that exceeds 30 miles to get to (for example
Southern Pines) there will be a $20.00 surcharge on
top of the mileage once they pick you up.  This
covers the additional cost in gas and time spent off
the driving grid.

It is also possible to hire a Designated Driver for the
entire evening to take you and your friends
bar-hopping in your own car. The fee for that service
is $35.00 per hour with a three hour minimum
In our effort to keep our soldiers safe while they
party we have a flat rate of $
45 for active duty
personnel returning to the barracks. However, if
there are multiple drop offs at different barracks
there will be a surcharge of $5.00 for every additional
stop. This rate covers Fayetteville/Spring Lake/ Hope
Mills. This fee stays the same no matter how many
people you have in your car because we charge by
mileage (to one destination onl

We accept cash only.  For your convenience we can
stop at an ATM.  
Don’t Risk a DUI
or Injury
Let Designated
Driver Get You
and Your Car
Home Safely
Don't leave your
car in a parking
lot overnight.
Call 910.488-
Driver, Inc
Simply give us a call when you are ready to call it a night and
we will come get you and your car!

Most bartenders and bouncers at local establishments will
call us for you.  Just ask for Designated Driver, Inc.
Designated Driver, Inc (DDI) Services
Doctors Visits:

Wisdom teeth
Chemo treatments
Eye appointment

If you can drive
yourself to the
appointment we can
drive you home in
your own car.  We will
also take you through
the drugstore to drop
off any RX's for filling.